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Support for the Mod-Squad

This bot is still in active development. Follow @modest_mishmash on Twitter for updates!
Due to high demand and limited API rates, we currently cannot support any additional channels. If you decide to sign in, you will be added onto a wait list. When Twitch approves our bot verification request, the bot will be added to your channel automatically.
For existing users, some features might not be available at the moment.
Are you also annoyed of mindless bots asking you if you WaNnA bEcOmE fAmOuS? 🙄 Chat can become overwhelming at times. Limiting tools for moderation make it hard to fight off large swarms of bot accounts raiding, following, and spamming a channel. SMASH provides you with a solid defense against trollz, spam bots, and malicious messages. The fully autonomous moderator for your channel will detect bots with bad intentions and remove them from your channel.
Thank you to all patreons for making this possible!
Special shoutout to all benefactors giving 25€ or more: Nysterix Simooligan SpaceNeurosis jazz_of_all_trades
Help support server and development costs to fight off harassment on Twitch: Patreon Fundraiser